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Company’s History and Profile


        The Company of IDEA Computer Systems acting in the market since 1995 is specialised in providing the most modern computer technologies by the leading makers of the hardware and software. Integration of network technologies for local, wide-area and internet networks has become one of the strategic fields of IDEA’s activities. We incorporate the network solutions based on the best products in this range. We base on the active hardware made by such companies as: 3COM®, D-Link®, Cisco, Netgear, structured cabling systems by MOLEX Premise Network.


In the field of the network software we offer proven solutions based on the Windows 20XX Server system family.

For the networks under construction we provide extensive range of the server platforms, using mainly for this purpose the products offered by DELL, IBM, HP and INTEL.


Each server solution is selected for the individual needs of each particular client. The servers are equipped in the newest solutions to monitoring operation of the computer and all its components, both locally and via remote Internet control. In order to improve operating safety of the server systems, IDEA offers special service contracts to take over care of the system and hardware. Supervision is usually carried out by Internet connections – online, thus assuring correct and uninterrupted work 24/7/365 days a year. Such solutions offered by our company extremely reduce necessary expenditures for IT Technologies in our clients’ companies.


The scope of activities of IDEA includes also implementation corporate IT safety management procedures. We offer solutions based on the family of FORTIGATE products (UTM devices), enabling to implement a complete protection at the junction points of the local networks and the Internet. The devices make it also possible to monitor comprehensively the items received from and sent to the Internet.


IDEA offers also Internet services. Our long-term and new clients are recommended to use a full range of our services including: design and hosting of web sites including CMS, safe e-mail boxes, FTP file servers, internet shops. In this range of activities we pay special attention to the issues of safety of using the Internet.


IDEA holds a status of a Certified Structured Cabling Installer of MOLEX Premise Network, thus we can install cabling of the top 6, 6A, 7 categories granting, at the same time, 25-year manufacturer’s system guarantee.


The installations made by us are designed by specialists holding the status of Certified Structured Cabling Installers of Molex and have many years of experience.


IDEA was awarded a status of the Small Business Specialist, by offering it clients complex solutions based on the Microsoft’s products. Taking care of our clients’ safety, upon a request we carry out audits intended to implement a software management policy. This enables to put in order matters related to licences, purchase of the missing ones – in the best available price variant as well as to solve the problem of legality.

Due to extensive needs our clients to get complex services, our company offers comprehensive IT solutions. Moreover, our clients may choose a preferable method financing an investment (leasing, instalments).

In order to increase level of the services provided for our clients, the company has obtained the following statuses: Small Business Specialist, Microsoft Software Assets Management, Microsoft Authorised OEM Partner, Intel® Product Integrator, Certified Structured Cabling Installer of Molex Premise Network, Certified Structured


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